The main thing to look for when priming the weed eater is that the primer bulb becomes full. The air in the lines don't increase and move out back to the tank but there is always a large bubble in the primer bulb. If it's not working, then you either have a bad primer bulb, plugged fuel lines or in-tank filter, or plugging in the small ports of the carburetor on the fuel pump side. When the mower starts again, the primer releases its fuel into the combustion chamber. ( IE I can blow air thru My weedwhacker primer bulb now pumps air into fuel tank. I would suggest that you start at the fuel tank and work your way to the carburetor. Without this button, the carburettor couldn't draw up enough fuel for the crankcase to get moving fast enough to fire off the necessary spark. Please can someone help me locate either the website to order the 2 missing panels or the maker of my chandelier? ? As the bulb fills its resistance to squeezing changes, and the firmness of the bulb signals the operator when the primer has done its job and primed the fuel line. If gas is present in the tube, the system may be flooded with gas already. This(WT 324 Carb.) One shows the primer bulb pushed and the red is fuel, the blue air. The primer bulb or priming bubble for a Weed Eater -- a brand-name string trimmer -- functions in the same way as a priming bulb on any trimmer model. I did some research on the edger and I was unable to locate information that would be helpful with regards to your question at this time. When i pump the priming bulb i hear a noise in the tank and it's not moving fuel to the motore with a full tank. that's what it is supposed to do. The primer bulb can’t suck it up without removing it. This will indicated that air is begin sucked into the line. 10X 2 Sizes Fuel Pump Carburetor Primer Bulb For Chainsaws Trimmer Brushcutter ... Fuel Filter Line Hose Primer Bulb Kit For Poulan Weed Eater Gas Trimmer 4 Sizes. Problem #2: After I purged my fuel line of air, I warmed up my engine and then went to full throttle. I'm at my wit's end with this thing. Thanks, I already replaced fuel lines, brand new carb, carb base and all gaskets around carb this tear. If the fuel lines look to be okay, I would suggest taking this to a technician. It worked for 30 min and stopped. Shouldn't workers have a generator if they need power? ? Answer Save. Hanging filters can also cause bubbles to form. Just caught a mouse on a sticky trap. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. what is the size of my kenmore refridgerator? I overhauled the carb. 516 sold. Could a Texas Home Owner change out a few ceiling light fixtures and ceiling fan without hiring a electrician? Both the manual choke system and the manual primer system engines may experience this similar symptom of running only when the fuel mixture is enriched. The Primer Bulb Is Stuck in My Craftsman 32cc Weedwacker. Check this web site and look at the illustrations. Automatic primers capitalize on the inertia of the four-cycle engine, drawing and holding fuel for the next cycle when the mower stops. Pushing on primer bulb PUSHES air OUT of fuel filter and sucks from carb side of bulb. I will check fuel lines once again for any holes. 3 Answers. If the carb has a built in primer, the fuel line closest to the primer bulb is your fuel return back to the fuel tank while the other fuel line is your main fuel feed. Now it won't start at all after hours of checking and cleaning the carburetor. Pressing the bulb only sends more gas to the carburettor. Who was the man seen in fur storming U.S. Capitol? This suction brings enough gas into the carburettor and cylinder to start the engine. My weedwhacker primer bulb now pumps air into fuel tank. 8 years ago. Thank you for using Manage My Life. How do I dispose of it? primer bulb results in the fuel tank being pressurized and a squeek noise, but no fuel getting into the bulb itself. When the primer bulb isn't working, it may be a problem with the bulb itself, with the fuel lines that feed fuel to the bulb or both.

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